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5 Reasons Why Print Will Always Be In The Mix

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We have helped some of the world’s top brands…

to better connect with their audience by designing, producing and delivering quality direct mail campaigns. Here are a few reasons why.

1)    Forge Meaningful Relationships with Your Customers

Print gives businesses the opportunity to connect with their audience in so much more depth than an email can. Having something delivered instantly excites and captures the attention of the reader.

The design, texture, quality and even smell of a finely produced direct mail can better portray a brand, gain trust and impress.

2)    The Digital Market Is Saturated

Every time we go online, we are bombarded with PPC adverts, sponsored videos and mass marketing/spam emails. How many unread emails are in your gmail account right now? Businesses can’t stand out in such a crowded room.

3)    Higher Response Rates

The average response to a sales email or email campaign is a shocking 0.5%. Yes email marketing is quick and cheap, but it is also ineffective. Printed campaigns often see response rates 10 to 20x higher than email.

Make the effort, get the results.

4)    Longer Connection Time

Direct mail marketing isn’t just opened – it is kept on coffee tables, shared amongst family or friends and read multiple times. It provides a constant reminder, increases discussion at home or in the work place, and ultimately delivers better responses.

5)    Print Is Like The Vinyl Record

There is a rapidly growing trend of focusing purchases on quality. Vinyl records, craft beer and organic foods are examples of more traditional items coming back into popularity as consumers lose confidence in products that offer a quick fix.

It can be tempting to ‘launch and leave’ a campaign via digital channels, or repeated spam and disconnect with your audience when the response is so low.

Focus on the returns that a printed campaign can offer, you can’t afford not to.

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